Melbourne’s Best Outdoor Paintball Fields

Here at Xtreme Paintball we have a range of themed fields for hours of adventurous fun. Each field offers different challenges and obstacles so you can pick and choose how you play. The Paintball fields are all new and separate from our childrens fields allowing for uninterrupted games for both age groups in total safety.

Our centre is managed and staffed by professionally trained personnel who excel in delivering both the safest and thrilling day of paintball in the country. Our facilities are also of the highest standard. It will excite and stimulate all newcomers and seasoned paintballers. With the best and latest equipment, the best game zones and the best paintball experience possible, it has to be Xtreme.



Castle Field

Embark on a noble quest!

Our Castle field is one the most popular, being a favourite with newcomers and our regulars. Set across a massive piece of land the field is filled with challenging obstacles incluing the massive Castle structure in the middle.

The Wasteland

Save the day!

The Wasteland is one of our favourite fields, filled with old cars and junk that make for the greatest hiding spots to sneak up on your enemies and save the day. The field is a great space for energetic and competitive games for new and pro players.

The Barrier

Exhilarting & Energetic!

The Barrier field is a fast-paced and energetic field set in a large open sapce with minimal obstacles for a challenging and fun game. This field really gets with heart pumping and is one of the more difficult fields to conquer great for pro players.

Tomb Raider – Coming Soon

Our new Tomba Raier field is coing soon and will be set out with ancicent relics for a real movie like feel. What’s more is we have acres of land and are constantly adding new fields with new obstacles and challenges. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.