Kid’s & Childrens Paintball Games & Fields

Xtreme Paintball is one of the best paintball centres for kids. We have five exceptional kids playing areas, specifically tailored for children ages 7 and up. Our fields offer a fantastic environment for kids to get active and let their imagination run wild with our mini castle and mini wreckers fields. 

Paintball is an excellent birthday theme that lets kids get active, run around and make a mess. We can also provide food packages for parties or you can bring your own.

What is Juniorball?

Juniorball is a mind blowing alternative to the game of paintball that has been altered to accommodate children who are too young or might be a little nervous of the regular paintball game. Juniorball uses a pump action fun to fire smaller rounds at a slower spped yet still provide an exciting and action packed game.

At Xtreme Paintball we try out best to make your Juniorball experience as close to regular paintball as possible so to do this the rules of Juniorball are the same a regular game including having a referee, playing on similar fields and playing the same style of games.

Kids Target Field

Our kids target fields are a great starting game for younger children. We offer a range of different target boards covered with their favourite characters and cartoons to challenge kids and boost confidence.

All kids get a protective mask to wear to ensure their safety and can shoot with a splat guns at each target.

Mini Castle

Let the kids run wild and embark on a noble quest to save the princess in our mini-castle field. Fitted out with a range of obstacles and challenges for your little warriors to face, the mini castle field is a great choice for mixed birthday parties.

The childrens paintball fields are specifically catered for children so all obstacles and height appropriate to enable fair games and amazing victories.

Kids Speedball

Our kids speedball fields is a great outdoor option to laser skirmish, allowing children to run free and get active. The field is set up with tyre towers to run through and duck and dive.

Speedball is a faster paced energetic game great for older kids who want a fast paced challenge.

Kids Wreckers Field

The kids wreckers field is our mini version of the adults junkyard, scattered with old cars and junk to create a fantastic playing space for the kids. The set up offers an excellent playing field for dodging paintballs and running around.

You can hire out the whole field for large groups or share with other groups to create a fun adventure and let the kids make new friends.

Roadworks Field

One of our favourites, our roadworks field is a great space for kids to try paintball in. The field is decked out with old roadworks signs and divider which make for great obstacled to run between and take cover.

The roadworks field, like all our juniorball fields, are great for birthday parties that let kids get active and have a blast.