Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Paintball

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What is paintball?

Paintball is a fun and energetic game great for kids birthdays, bucks & hens night, corporate & team building events as well as great day trips.

In a game teams or individuals compete to eliminate their opponents by tagging them with capsules of water couble dye and a gelatin shell outside, also know as paintballs, using a paintball marker, also known as a paintball gun.

Does it hurt?

Paintballs won’t hit hard enough to cause an injury as long as proper safety procedures are followed But it does depend on where it hits, whether the paintball breaks or not and whether you are wearing safety gear. We provide long overalls and a chest protector free for children and women and also sell groin boxes for men (or you can bring your own).

What are the age restrictions to play?

For Paintball ALL of Victoria has a legal age limit of 18+ to play paintball games, for JuniorBall the age requirement is 7+ and on the target fields 5+.

Is paintball legal in Victoria?

Yes, provided you are not a prohibited person, and not intoxicated.

Will my group be playing alone?

To be guaranteed that your group has a field to itself, you must have at least 30 people in your group.

Smaller groups will be joined together to make up larger groups of around 30-35 players, which will then be divided into two teams for the day. When dividing teams, you may choose to keep your group on one team or separate to play against each other.

Do I need to bring anything on the day?

All players should bring the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Cash or card

Paintball markers are registered firearms and all players, need to bring Photo ID on the day of play we accept: Drivers Licenses, a Sporting Team Photo ID, Passports & Proof of Age Cards. You may also want to bring some money for purchasing additional paintballs.

What should I wear?

We supply you with camouflage overalls to wear over your clothes. To enjoy the day we recommend wearing light clothing such as shorts and a t-shirt underneath. Comfortable closed footwear such as light boots or runners should be worn, no open-toed shoes, heels or thongs are permitted.

Do not wear heavy jumpers or jackets under your overalls this will cause quick overheating, resulting in fatigue and/or heatstroke. Extra protection is available to purchase including; groin boxes, neck protectors and chest protectors. Women are provided free hire of chest protection

Can I bring my own equipment?

Personal equipment will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Privately-owned equipment must be submitted to a member of staff before play, to be inspected for safety purposes but in most cases it will not be a problem.

Any person wanting to use a privately-owned paintball marker must present their relevant paintball licence and proof that the marker is registered in their name. Privately-owned paintball markers will be chronographed before play to ensure they do not exceed a rate of 300fps.

You cannot bring your own paintballs.  Please speak to the team when booking about your own equipment.

Can I buy other items on the day?

There is an on site shop where additional equipment or refreshments can be purchased such as paintballs, grenades, gloves, groin boxes, lunch, drinks and other refreshments.

Can I wear glasses and play paintball?

Yes, glasses will fit under our paintball masks. If you do wear glasses, let one of our staff know and we will apply some anti-fog solution to your glasses. Please note comfort level depends on the size of your frames and where possible contact lenses are a good option.

Refunds, Deposits, Cancellations & Payment


Yes, $20 per person is required for a deposit.

Refunds & Cancellations:


We do not offer refunds for cancellations we only move your booking date within 3 month period, so long as 48hrs notice is given to cancel the original booking


We accept; Cash, Creit Card (Visa/Mastercard) & Bank Transfers.

Will my child be playing with adults?

We will always try to join your group with a group of a similar age. However, there are often groups of mixed ages (parents playing with their children, older siblings etc.) but we always try to make each game a fair match.

How can I get my Paintball gun license?

You will need to get a P-Class (Paintball Marker) licence, to this you would have to sit the Safety course. It will take anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 months to receive. Once you have it, you can buy a paintball marker from any licenced dealer.

When should I book?

You should book as far in advance as possible to make sure that you can get the game date that you’re after. We will always try our best to accommodate a late booking, but earlier is better.

Can I move my date once I’ve booked?

Yes, you can move your booking date within 3months but so long as 48hrs notice is given to cancel the original booking.

What happens if someone in our group cancels?

All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

When time should we arrive?

We suggest arriving 30 mins prior to your booking time to get waivers signed and to accommodate for those who are generally late comers. We also have a food van where food, hot and cold drinks can be purchased.

Do we all have to buy the same paintball package?

No you group does not need to buy same package as each other but to play together all day you will need buy a similar amount of paintballs

Do I need to fill out a registration form?

All players are required to complete a registration form prior to playing. For minors (JuniorBall and Target players) under 18 years old the registration form must be completed by an adult. For kids parties, we recommend you send these out with invitations.

What happens if it rains on the day?

Rain, hail, sun or snow we play.

Can we bring our own alcohol?

NO! Anyone who seems to be under the influence of alcohol will not be playing that day.

Do you provide lockers for personal items?

Yes. We have on-site lockers for hire to accommodate our players. You should refrain from taking anything you don’t need onto the playing fields, your keys/wallets/watches etc. to prevent you losing valuable items.

What about the tickets that I bought in the shopping centre?

1) They are still valid

2) You have proof of purchase $$ amount

3) Terms and conditions but still be met.

Please Contact us for more information as to what your tickets will get you.