An Average Day at Xtreme Paintball Melbourne

We’re happy to answer any paintball related questions!

We ask your arrive 30min before your booking time to accomodate for the time it takes for your group to get registered, dressed and padded up before play.

Arrival & Registration

When you first get here, you’ll first need to head towards the office and check in. We do require and recommend reservations, but walk-ins are also acceptable. Bring a form of photo & age ID; you’ll need this to prove your age to get onto the fields. You’ll also be required to sign a waiver.



When everyone’s registered and ready to roll, orientation begins. This is where your referees will explain the basics of paintball safety. You’ll learn what’s legal, what’s not legal, what happenes if saftey rules are broken and where to go when you get shot out of a game, at this point you’ll also be divided into teams.
Paintball Equipment

Once you’ve checked in, you’ll be camoed up and given your mask, then in accordance with the packages you pick you will be given your vest and your pods. You will also have the opportunity to purchase, if you did not bring your own, gloves, groin box and chest protector for the men (females are given this as part of their package).

Paintball Markers

Now’s that part everyone’s waiting for you’ll make your way to the fields and collect your markers on the way,from this point on masks are NOT be removed, remembering everything from orientation.

Morning Paintball Games

As there is a variety of fields to get you through this gives us the opportunity to changes teams around through out the day, playing against other people on different battlefields. Expect to play anywhere from 2 to 6 paintball games in the morning, depending upon how quickly your orientation went, and how fast everyone got ready, and the the amount of paint you decided to purchase.

Lunch Break

Teams will break for lunch. We have a common area of picnic tables for you to eating, reloading, and resting up. and previously organised lunch will be brought down. Extra paint can also be purchased at this point.
Afternoon Paintball Games

After lunch the afternoon games will start. Expect to play another 4 to 6 games after lunch, depending upon how fast everyone gets through paint. An average outdoor field will end the day at 4pm. However many games you get in is entirely up to your group.


End of Play

Once the games are finished your refeere will bring you all back to the equipment area and sign off all marker returns, and then you will remove you marks, vest and overalls. There is always enough time no matter when your games finish to return rental equiment and sign out.